A chartered surveyor plays a crucial role in assisting someone who has been served a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO). When faced with a CPO, a chartered surveyor can provide valuable expertise and support in several ways:

  1. Property Valuation: The surveyor will assess the value of the property that is subject to the CPO. This valuation is essential to ensure that the property owner receives fair compensation for their land or property as required by law.
  2. Negotiations: The surveyor can negotiate on behalf of the property owner with the acquiring authority (usually a government or local authority) to ensure that the compensation offered accurately reflects the property's worth. Their expertise can help maximize the compensation amount.
  3. Compensation Assessment: Beyond just the property's market value, a surveyor can identify and quantify any other losses or costs incurred by the property owner due to the CPO. This might include disturbance, relocation expenses, or business disruption.
  4. Appeals and Dispute Resolution: If the property owner disagrees with the compensation offered, the chartered surveyor can guide them through the appeal process. They can represent the property owner's interests and provide evidence to support a fairer compensation outcome.
  5. Understanding the Process: The CPO process can be complex and overwhelming. A surveyor can explain the steps involved, the property owner's rights, and the timeline of events. This empowers the property owner to make informed decisions.
  6. Alternative Solutions: In some cases, a chartered surveyor might explore alternatives to the CPO, such as negotiating for partial acquisition or changes to the project plans that could reduce the impact on the property owner.
  7. Expertise in Regulations: Chartered surveyors have a deep understanding of land and property laws, regulations, and local planning policies. This knowledge helps property owners navigate the legal aspects of the CPO process.
  8. Documentation and Records: The surveyor can assist in organizing all the necessary paperwork, records, and evidence required for the CPO process. This ensures that the property owner's case is well-documented and substantiated.

In essence, a chartered surveyor acts as an advocate for the property owner's rights and interests throughout the CPO process. They provide expertise, support, and guidance to ensure that the property owner receives fair treatment and compensation in line with the law.

Kevin Aspin
Kevin Aspin
CEO & Managing Director

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